Prepaid SIM Cards

TOGO Telecom reserves the right to refuse service. To purchase prepaid China SIM Cards, you may be asked to provide two pieces of identification, as per the China SIM Card provider.

All Prepaid SIM Cards, talk time minutes and data do not carry over. Please contact our customer service at info@togotelemcom.ca if you have any questions.

30-day rate plans and add-ons expire after 30 days. If you have less than 30 days left on your account balance and purchase a 30-day rate plan or add-on, the expiry date on your balance is reset to 30 days from the purchase, so that the balance and the rate plan or add-on expire at the same time.

  • To use SIM Cards purchased from TOGO Telecom, your cellular phone must be UNLOCKED.
  • Online orders are subject to availability.
  • Each prepaid SIM Card is subject to the policies set by their providers.
  • Shipping charges may apply. Please allow 5-6 business days for shipment to arrive, once we receive the order. Order cut off time is 12 midnight PST. Orders will be shipped via SpotsHUB Express. Please see map for shipping coverage.


For Online Orders

Time frame for SIM Card activation: To ensure that you will have the SIM Card activated and ready for use by the time you arrive at your destination, it is highly recommended that you purchase the SIM Card a week in advance. The SIM Card will be activated according to your departure date.


U.S. SIM Cards

U.S. SIM Cards have different daily plans available. Please contact our customer service to inquire about details. Price listed on TOGO Telecom is only for the cost of the SIM Card and activation service charge.


Long Distance Calling Card 

The following potential charges are the customer's responsibility:

  • Usage is charged per minute, and shall be charged for the full minute even if less than one full minute is used.
  • Additional charges of eighty cents may apply for calls made through public telephones   and land lines.
  • Connection quality may vary due to the quality of certain cellular or telephone networks   beyond our control.
  • Premium rates for certain destinations may apply. For details on rates and dialing           instructions please contact customer service.
  • A maintenance fee equal to the face value of the card will be charged 180 days from first use.
  • When calling from your cell phone outside your local calling area, airtime and roaming     charges may apply, please contact your cellular provider for more information.
  • Please contact customer service at 1-866-334-3866 for greater detail.
  • Liabilities are limited to the balance of the card only.
  • This card has no expiry date and is non refundable
  • Minutes advertised are subject to change without notice.


Call Forwarding

  • Call forwarding is available for most countries, one phone number at a time.
  • Please allow 24 hours to call forward to switch to a different destination.
  • To switch to a different destination, please contact customer service.
  • Call forwarding function is subject to your mobile plan.
  • Talk time used during call forwarding may be charged as per your cellular provider's plan.


Top Up / Service Charge

  • Recharge value advertised does not include the administrative fees, which vary depending on the prepaid SIM Card.
  • Plans advertised be subjected to change without notice.